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Closing Statement

The Student Comment Generator's online platform will be closing permanently beginning July 15th, 2022.  Even though the website is shutting down, the Excel version that has been available on Teachers Pay Teachers will continue to be available for purchase. This featured product was the 'original' comment generator and has many of the same features as our online platform. I encourage any current subscribers to download a free trial here. This is only available to licensed users that are finishing up their online subscription and want to begin the transition to the Excel version. This Excel spreadsheet has been extremely popular with users for the past few years, and will continue to grow with more robust features in the future. 


The decision to close this website was not made lightly. It originated as a supplement to an Excel spreadsheet that gained a lot of traction on Teachers Pay Teachers and has become a favorite tool for many. While the website offers some unique features, it has taken a considerable amount of resources to maintain and has not been nearly as popular as the spreadsheet version. Closing the site will give us the opportunity to focus our efforts on improving and adding new features to our original comment generator spreadsheet.


What you need to know:

You will likely receive an email informing you that your subscription has been canceled. This doesn't prevent you from using the site for the remainder of your trial or subscription period until July 15th.  It will only prevent any future payments from being collected. This does not apply to TPT or School License users that are using the site. TPT trials will continue to be valid until the closing on July 15th and School Licenses will be honored until their expiration date 1 year from purchase. An email was sent with that expiration date for school subscribers.

If you paid for an annual subscription after July 15, 2021, you will receive a pro-rated refund. This refund should come in the next 2-3 weeks. If you don't see it by then, please contact support at


If you are currently on a 30 day trial or a TPT free trial, your subscription will be terminated at the end of the trial period (or July 15th for TPT users), and you will not be charged anything.


If your subscription will expire prior to July 15, 2022, it will still expire and you will not be able to purchase a new one through the site. If you would like to continue using the website a little past you expiration date so that you can finish out comments for the end of the school year, please email to make a request to extend your plan date.


Thank You

Thank you for being a valid customer and supporting our efforts to make comment writing easier. Remember to check out our store on Teachers Pay Teachers for other comment writing tools to make this process a little easier for you.

Questions? Contact support.

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