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Student Comment Generator

Notice: We are currently not accepting new online purchases; however, you can still purchase the comment generator spreadsheet on Teachers Pay Teachers using the link below.

About Us

The Comment Generator has transformed the way teachers approach writing report card comments. We had a vision to make comment writing quick and easy without losing the personalization of hand written comments. What started out as a simple spreadsheet for one teacher, has quickly grown into a multi-user web application that can be used anywhere and on virtually any device.  This saves teachers hours of time while still allowing for a personal touch in each and every comment.

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User-Friendly Comment Automation

Making Life Easier For You

Create a well-written, personal narrative for each of your students with just a few inputs. Enter the student's name, gender, type, and then choose 1-6 attributes such as polite, disorganized, disinterested, etc. That's it! The report card comment generator will create a narrative for you. Each attribute is associated with several different comments, so even if students have similar characteristics, they will still get unique comments without any hassle.

What can I do with the Comment Generator?

  • Store up to 200 students and up to 8 comments per student

  • Archive students at the end of the year

  • Automatically create narrative report card comments by simply adding a name, gender, and selecting a student type for each student. Then select 1-6 additional attributes (critical thinker, polite, disruptive, etc.) to personalize your narrative. That's it. The comment generator will produce a narrative comment based on your inputs.

  • Each attribute is associated with several comments that are chosen from at random, so you can select the same attributes for multiple students and still have unique comments for each one.

  • Select from over 40 default attributes or create your own to customize the comment bank

  • Comments are also customized based on the time of year (i.e. comments at the beginning of the year, may say "I'm looking forward to getting to know ____ " or at the end of the year may say "It's been a great year, and I wish you all the best"

  • If you don't like a particular comment, there is a regenerate button. Simply click that, and you will get a completely different narrative for that student without needing to change any attribute selections.

Writing on Computer


Use the pre-loaded comments, create your own, or both to give your students' comments a personal touch.

You can also customize the wording used for marking periods in the comments (quarter, semester, etc.) and how many parking periods there are in a year.

Mobile Friendly (Coming Soon)

The Comment Generator is a fully integrated platform that allows users to enjoy a wide range of features both on a desktop or mobile. Create students, generate comments, add custom comments, and more all from your mobile device with our mobile friendly site. 

Man Trying App

Does it automatically put in the proper pronouns and names?

Yes, the generator will insert the students' names and appropriate pronouns as well as the subject/class if that optional information is given when the student is created. When adding your own customized comments to the bank, you can also insert fields for the pronouns, name, and subject.

So, it automatically creates a comment for my student. Can I manually edit those comments?

Yes! You the comments will appear in a text box which you can then edit to your liking. You can also add your own commonly used comments to the bank of comments to use for other students.

How much does it cost?

The cost to use the regular version is $40 per year. Credit/debit card payments are accepted as well as PayPal.

Do you offer school licensing?

We offer special pricing for large groups of users (20 or more). Official school licensing along with more customization options for schools are in the list of updates planned for the 2021-2022 school year.


For group pricing rates, please 

contact us

Exactly how does the comment generator work?

The comment generator will create narrative comments for a student with just a few simple inputs. You start by adding a new student and fill in the student's name, gender, and type (chosen from 5 general options). Optionally you can also include a class or subject and up to six attributes (i.e. polite, hard working, disorganized) from a default list. Each attribute and student type has multiple comments associated with it. The generator will chose one comment for each attribute selected at random to input into the narrative, creating a personalized and unique comment. If you don't like a comment generated, you can manually edit it or click the 'regenerate' button to have the program automatically create a totally new comment using the same attributes. Once, your comment is ready, you can save it and move on the the next student. 

I used your comment generator on Teachers Pay Teachers previously and have a lot of custom comments and attributes. Will I have to recreate those comments?

No you won't have to rewrite your comments from previous years, but in order to get them into this new application, you will need to email us at and attach your old comment generator file. We should be able to get your custom comments into the systems within 48 hours.

Does the comment generator tend to use the same phrases/sentences for similar students?

No, the comment generator is perfect for creating unique narratives even for students with similar characteristics. When you select an attribute for  a student such as POLITE,  the generator will choose one of several comments associated with the POLITE attribute at random. This allows for several students with the same characteristics to have very different comments. It also allows you to keep the same attributes for students over multiple marking periods without saying the exact same thing from one marking period to another.

I am required to write a separate narrative for each subject for my students. Can the comment generator do this?

Yes, you can achieve this by creating a separate line for the same student and changing the subject field and the attributes. There are several subject specific attributes that are included for ELA, math, social studies, and science or you can make some of your own to use with these comments. There is a short video above showing how this would work.

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